No-Pop November

Let me just start by saying I’m not into any of these fad diets, or really any diets. I believe that moderation is key. Also, I have very little will power and don’t think I could last without some nice starches or refined sugar or whatever. That being said, I’m taking part in the 2nd annual no-pop November.

I started it last year to test if I actually had any will power whatsoever. Apparently I do, because it was pretty successful. I felt significantly better and didn’t feel as close to death as normal, so I decided to give it another go this year. I really love pop, so I don’t think I could do it all the time. I’m legitimately jealous of people who hate pop.

November is the perfect time for this because no other month has ‘No’ in it. So you can do your own No-vember with whatever vice you choose. You can do no-shave November, No-texting while walking November, no-chocolate November, or even no-obnoxious selfie November! (sorry, not partaking in that one)


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