October Ipsy Bag Review


This is my 4th month getting the Ipsy beauty bag. I’ve recommended it to a bunch of friends because I’ve loved it so much. I’ve got to say, I was slightly disappointed with the contents of this month’s bag. Looking at the other options, I think I got a pretty good bag, considering.

Here’s what I got;


The Bag – I am really not feeling the bag. I don’t think a white make-up bag is very practical. Other bags have been very usable, but I don’t think I’ll ever use this one.


Zoya Nail Polish – In 4 ipsy bags, this is my 3rd nail polish. I think pretty much everyone got a nail polish. I like the color, but I tend to usually stray away from the shimmery polishes, so I guess it’s nice to add something a little different to my polish collection.


Sexy hair Blow Dry Gel – This is a product I probably won’t ever use. I’m not a big gel person. It usually just makes my hair look flat and greasy, which is not the best look on me. I’ll probably just give this one to my mom.


La Fresh Eco-Beauty oil-free face cleanser wipes – I like these, and they smell absolutely divine. I appreciate that they are oil-free, because my skin does not like when things aren’t. I am excited to try them out, and they will be beyond excellent for travelling thanks to the re-sealable package.


Nourish Organic Coconut and Argan Body Lotion – This stuff also smells beyond amazing. I don’t use a whole lot of lotion, but this will be nice to throw into your purse for when you get a sudden attack of ashy elbows thanks to the dry, winter months.


Starlooks Lip Pencil – I kind of just feel ridiculous when I wear lip liner, so I can’t see myself reaching for this product too often. It’s not an outrageous color, but it doesn’t really match any of my lip sticks/crayons/glosses/stains/etc.

I tend to prefer make-up products in my bag to the beauty products, but in this one the beauty products outweighed the (one) make-up product. I am still not going to use that gel.


2 thoughts on “October Ipsy Bag Review

  1. sklemowitz says:

    I get ipsy too. Did it bother you that the wording on the bag was inconsistent? I felt like it should have read “THE love of beauty is taste.”

    Haha anyway, I got that lip liner in one of my old bags. I don’t really line my lips either, but just as a tip, it looks really nice if you color in your whole lip with it, then go over it with a somewhat sheer gloss, lipstick, or colored balm. Just an idea 🙂

    Also, Zoya polishes are like 8 bucks a pop so I thought that was a pretty good deal. It’s great quality.

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