Survivor; Blood vs Water part 2


A lot has been said about the new twists coming to Survivor this season. Many say that Survivor has strayed from it’s true format and has evolved into a sort of Survivor spin-off. I can definitely see where they’re coming from. This season is not ’16-20 strangers deserted in the jungle, outplay, outwit, and outlast each other to win a million dollars’. This season, everyone knows each other more or less, and you may ‘outplay, outwit, and outlast’ someone, but it’s possible for them to come right back into the game.

Redemption Island

That’s right folks, our least favorite twist is back. I’m not too pleased about this unpopular twist being brought back. I like closure of someone going home at the end of each episode. I also don’t like the idea that 3 people will be occupying RI this season.

Day 0

I don’t really have an opinion on this one, because I don’t really feel it has a major effect on the game. I don’t really get it. It’s just taking up time on screen. I’m sure the pairs have already taken time before the game to run scenarios with their partners.

The Switch

I think this twist makes it difficult to build solid relationships with tribemates. If you have a solid alliance and you drop out of it to rescue your partner, I can’t see alliance members being pleased with that. Also, if your loved one heads to your tribe, I can see them being voted out pretty quickly because you have no relationship with the others. The twist is going to add a layer of drama, but how many people are going to be willing to swap out for their loved one?

Immunity Idol

It’s going to be hard* to find! You will need the clue! You can only get the clue from someone on RI!


*probably in a bush rather than a tree.

The Immediate Vote Out

At the end of ‘Day 0’ each tribe will vote out someone. This doesn’t really give people a chance to overcome their or their loved one’s preceding impressions on people.


Even though this season is so different than what we have come to know of Survivor, I am really looking forward to this season. Enjoy the premiere! Find me on twitter!





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