Survivor; Blood vs. Water Preview – Part 1

Well folks, the time has come. The season we have been waiting for since May (or maybe even a little earlier) is finally here. The season comes with some very mixed feelings, as have many Survivor seasons in the recent past. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this season. I think the cast, for the most part, is excellent. The excessive twists are something I could live without, but hopefully they have made some changes to Redemption Island to make it more bearable.

The Cast: Like I said before, I’m pretty happy with the cast. I appreciate that they made an attempt to include people from older seasons, and not have it completely overrun with newer players (that being said, 3 out of 10 are One Worlders).

The good –  I am so glad Tina is back! She really didn’t get a fair shot in All-Stars. She is a fun personality who isn’t afraid to cut a few throats. I think her daughter, Katie, is going to do well too. Katie seems to tick all the boxes on a list of what makes a good Survivor player. Aras is another one I’m excited to see back. I think his game got overshadowed in his original season due to many other huge characters. He is a super engaging and athletic guy which is going to serve him well. Vytas seems like he will be a good character too, but a strong personality. Hopefully he won’t cause too many fireworks at camp. Gervase is interesting casting choice. It’s great that they reached all the way back to Borneo for him. He and his niece Marissa are going to be an entertaining duo. How could you not be happy that Tyson is back? Seriously, that guy is a one-liner machine. Any season he is on is guaranteed to be hilarious. I’d like to see his girlfriend have a similar sense of humor.

The mediocre – I, like many others, was not a fan of Colton in his first season. He had a few good quips, some legitimate strategy, but overall I felt he was unnecessarily cruel and entitled. I believe he has learned his lesson from his first go-around, and his fiancé, Caleb, will reign him in if need be. I am so indifferent to Kat. I was really a fan of her on her first season either. She was a little too much of a dumb bunny for my liking. I think she is going to try hard to emulate Kim’s game, and will fail miserably. I am however looking forward to watching her loved one play. As a Big Brother viewer, I watched her boyfriend Hayden take the top spot in his season a couple summers ago. I think he is going to make the transition from Big Brother to Survivor well. I’m going to spend very little of my time writing about Monica, and her husband, Brad, and Laura and her daughter, Cierra, because frankly, they bore me. I don’t get why they’re bringing Monica back. I just don’t see it. Laura can be feisty, which is entertaining, but doesn’t always make for good game play. I think her daughter will miss her family too much to be effective as a Survivor player.

The bad – Both Rupert and Candice got ‘really? Again? Is this necessary?’ from me. Rupert was great in his first season. That is undeniable. It was after he realized ‘who his character is’ did he really become grating on both Survivor-watchers and the Survivors themselves. We can see right through the BS, and I’m sure few people were happy to see Rupert and his wife, Laura, on the cast list. I don’t get the casting of Candice either. I understand that she was a last minute addition, but isn’t there someone else in the pool of 300+ survivors who actually did something interesting in the game?

Stay tuned for my next post where I cover the new/used twists in the upcoming season.


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